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If you were married in the 1980's or 90's, you probably have a VHS tape of that very special event - don't risk losing it forever! VHS video tapes were always a transitory format - just waiting for a permanent home. They were susceptable to playback problems such as: poor tracking, jamming, dropouts and tearing. When the digital age arrived and DVD's became available, those videos finally found a home. Don't fall victim to procrastination, get those wedding tapes and any other precious video memories transferred to a digital format ASAP. I can do it for as little as $19.95 per tape. My fellow veterans receive 10% discount

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We all have a story to tell, let me help you

tell yours; when you do, your memory can

live on in perpetuity.






Remember when music had

romance, told a story, made

us smile and helped us forget

our troubles? It's hard to find

that magic in much of what

passes for music in today's


Remember when children in

every neighborhood could play

outside from dawn til dusk,

and their biggest fear was

getting home late for dinner.

And dinner was a family affair,

with Dad, Mom, and your

siblings all sitting down

together. Sometimes your

Uncle would show up un-

invited with a carton of smokes

for your Mom and Dad;

oh yes, those were the days!

Today we live in a culture

where many consider

traditional values obsolete; as

useless as a home telephone or

a sewing machine.

But are we better off having

lost those values? Except for

the gift of cigarettes, I don't

think so.

There isn't much that we can

do to bring back the past; but

there is something that we can

do to help save the memories

for the future.

Collect those family photos,


happy times; and take

advantage of the one thing that

we didn't have in the past; but

something that will allow us to

preserve that past well into the

future - digital transfer.

Whether you choose to simply

archive at a high resolution,

your photos and color slides; or

create a touching family

montage on DVD, complete

with music, voiceover and


Don't put it off. Don't let the

past disappear forever...


Bill Tremper